Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Pit Crew

I am new to blogging, and as a newbie, I have been trying to seek out other animal lovers, especially people interested in bully breeds.  If you stumble across this blog, and you love dogs, especially pit bulls as much as I do, please contact me, add me, follow me, or email me! (

I would like to share some pictures of the Pit Crew!
me, Luna and loyal Pit Crew team member Lisa on Halloween!

me and my sweet Lu!!

Me and Luna on a late night break from my pre-vet studying...she is always on the same page as me...unless she is eating the page I am reading :)

-Lauren and The Pit Crew

Hello World!

Hi- My name is Lauren and I have started this blog to help connect with other pit bull owners, discuss problems, find solutions, save pit bulls from the streets or shelters, and over all help change the public's perception of pit bull type dogs.  I believe that these dogs are incredible and have a lot of love to give, they just need to be given a chance.