Thursday, December 1, 2011

Meet Jasmine!

"I'm Jazzy!"

Jasmine is a 10 to 12 month old Pit Bull / Lab mix with a shiny tan coat, black mask and thoughtful eyes. She was found by Pit Crew partner Cat Renner, caring for a very pregnant Lily. Lily is a Boxer/ Pit Mix (check out Lily’s Blog for information about adopting one of the 9 adorable puppies she gave birth to Nov 21st!) 
Jazzy and Lily

Cat searched for help but after no response from other rescues, she turned to Pit Crew. We started by advertising her on the local pet adoption web sites and got no response, after all it was the holiday season and people are very busy. 
Please contact Ruth at 252-213-2200 if you want to give me a forever home!

All Pets Animal Rescue located in Harnett County ( 910-892-3161) returned our call for help and gracefully drove up to Raleigh to pick Jasmine up. It was discovered upon arrival to All Pets Animal Rescue that she was not good with cats. Although they took great care of her, and while Jasmine got along with the other dogs, her issues with the cats were too overwhelming for their small rescue to handle and Pit Crew came to pick her up. We returned her to Raleigh, where Cat had arranged for her to be transferred to a very compassionate rescue, Faith Rescue.
Cat and Jazzy

If you’re interested in adopting Jasmine, please contact Ruth at Faith Rescue ( 252-213-2200)

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