Friday, February 3, 2012

Our First Fundraiser!

Lauren and Cat are reunited with Chunk

On a surprisingly warm Saturday January 7th from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm Pit Crew Pit Bull Rescue held our first fundraising event! The staff of Unleashed, a premium dog supply store, was kind enough to host our event and show us the ropes of operating a dog wash centered fundraiser.

Bright and early, friends, family, and volunteers gathered at Unleashed in the Lake Boone Shopping Center off of Wycliff Road in Raleigh to raise money to support the pit bull rescue cause and to cover the medical bills from our most recent case, Lily and her puppies.

Lily makes a friend!

As we were setting up tables, hanging posters, and organizing displays, we already had a crowd gathering to sign up for dog washes! From then on we consistently had a steady stream of owners whose furry friends needed baths and other grooming services.

Chris on the way to give a bath
We had such an overwhelming turnout that we had to extend the event until 4pm. It was an overwhelming success, raising enough to cover all of Lily and her puppy’s medical bills.

Hampton and Victoria hard at work

None of this could have been possible without the hard work of PCPBR’s staff and volunteers. I would like to thank Cat Renner, Lisa Quinn, Elyse Kline, Chris Cottrell, Hampton, Zac, Victoria, Chad, Cat’s family, especially Teresa Wheeler, and Katie and the entire staff of Unleashed. 

Elyse and Lily

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