Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sadie Needs a Forever Home!

Meet Sadie!

Sadie is a 4-5 year old red nose pit bull that needs a new home. The West family took her in as a stray a little over two years ago after Sadie was found walking in a busy intersection near Walgreen's in Goldsboro.  A friend of the family spotted the skinny and frightened dog and stopped to help.  As soon as she opened her car door, the dog jumped right in and sat in the front seat!

The woman who found Sadie was unable to keep her and asked the West family if they could take her in.  The animal-loving West family couldn’t say no to the beautiful stray, and Sadie went to live with them.  The West’s took Sadie to the vet, where they found out Sadie was drastically underweight and had an infection in both of her ears.  The family was given antibiotics to treat Sadie’s ear infections, which cleared up nicely.  In a matter of weeks, Sadie transformed from a malnourished stray into a healthy and happy house-dog who loves to go for rides, fetch, swim, and lounge around the house. 
Sadie is spayed, current on all her shots, house-broken, wonderful with small kids, and very well trained.  She will not even touch her food until she gets the “go ahead” command!

Recently, the West’s moved to a new neighborhood and on their daily walk, two neighborhood strays attacked Sadie.  She was not seriously injured, but after that day, the West’s started to notice Sadie showed signs of aggression towards some dogs, particularly dogs that show dominance or appear to be threatening her or other dogs.  Sadie gets along well with most dogs, but the West’s don’t think their neighborhood is a safe place for Sadie and are looking to find her a new loving home. 

Sadie needs a home where she will have a secure (preferably fenced in) yard to play in and should not be taken to dog parks.
If you are interested in adopting the loving and loyal Sadie, please contact me at (919) 457-3719 or e-mail me at

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