Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sir Marshmallow

“Sir Marshmallow”
Sir Marshmallow

Although Pit Crew focuses on pit bull type dogs, we also recognize an animal emergency when we see one!  A toy poodle appeared in my driveway on a night we had three dogs here!  I could tell the poodle was someone’s pet, so I ran out to the driveway and quickly grabbed the dog by the scruff.  Unfortunately, this made the dog panic, and it expressed its anal glands on my arm and shirt.  While I took a shower, my friends Lisa and Chris called animal control and waited outside with the dog, which Lisa dubbed “Sir Marshmallow.”  Within an hour of our call, an animal control officer arrived to pick up the male toy poodle.
The Animal Control Officer scans for a microchip

We wish Sir Marshmallow the best and hope he and his owner are reunited!

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