Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our Mission

Pit Crew Pit Bull Rescue is my effort to help pit bull type dogs in our community.  We provide help in many ways, and how we help is determined by the nature of each situation. 
We provide education about the bully breeds (with a special focus on pit bull type dogs), the importance of spaying and neutering, training and socialization, responsible ownership, and about organizations that offer low cost medical services through our website and through being active in the rescue community.  We also focus on reaching out to people who might otherwise bring a pit bull type dog to a kill shelter by offering other alternatives, such as allowing us to find a short-term foster home for the dog until the dog can be placed in a permanent "forever home." 
If a family finds and wants to keep a pit bull type dog but cannot afford basic necessary medical care, we will help the family to keep the dog by helping them through the initial stages of their adoption by covering a portion of their medical costs or by supplying them with basics such as food, bowls, collars, etc. 
If a pit bull type dog is being abused, we try to remove the dog from the home in which it is sustaining abuse while working not to isolate the family.  Our methods include offering to care for these dogs, which is often successful in situations where the dog is severely neglected, and also offering owners compensation for dogs we feel are at risk.  Once the dog is successfully removed from the home, we work to find the dog a fresh start with a loving owner or family.
We take in stray pit bull type dogs that ourselves and others find and try to provide them with short term homes until a permanent home can be found.

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