Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Traffic Dogs!

Traffic Dog Dos!

Traffic Dog “Uno”
About a year and a half ago, I was driving down Raleigh Blvd on my way
to a chemistry tutoring session when the car next to me swerved,
almost hitting the side of my car.  I swerved to avoid the car and saw
what they were swerving to avoid—a pit bull puppy! I continued driving
until I reached the next traffic light and turned around as fast as I
could.  Luckily, there was a house with a large driveway on the side
of the busy four lane road, and I pulled over and parked in the
driveway.  I patted my legs and the puppy came running toward me, he
looked to be about four or five months old.  I picked up the little
puppy and noticed he smelled strongly of trash and figured he must
have been fending for himself for some time. I wanted to keep the
puppy and try to find a home for him myself, but my previous landlady
was adamantly opposed to another dog living in the house, so I made
the decision to call animal control and report to them that I had
found a young dog.  They asked for my location and stated they would
be there in 15 minutes to pick the puppy up and take him to a shelter.
 I talked to the animal control agents and they assured me that they
would find a home for such a young and sweet little puppy.

Traffic Dog “Dos”
I discovered “Dos” when I was running with my dog on the Raleigh
Greenway.  I was almost done with my run when I saw a pit bull mix run
out of the woods and head right into traffic.  I panicked, thinking of
the dog getting hit by a car on the busy road that the trail was off
of, and I ran into the street after her.  I waved my arms to signal
the car approaching me to stop and luckily, the woman driving stopped.
 I asked her to help me by holding my dog while I grabbed Dos.  I had
an extra collar with me, and after I got my hands on her, I slipped
the collar over her head, thanked the kind woman, and took both dogs
home, walking back to my house with one dog on each arm.  When I got
home, I kept the dogs separate, leaving Dos in the back yard and
keeping my dog in the house.  After I gave her food and water, I
called the animal control, requesting the agent I have worked with
before who I know to have a special interest in pit bulls, and asked
her to scan the dog for a microchip.  Amazingly, Dos did have a
microchip, and the animal control agent was able to take her back to
her owners, who had been giving her a bath when she bolted out the
door as their son returned home from the school bus.  They had been
worried to death about their family pet, and were so grateful they had
the animal control agent call me to thank me for my role in reuniting
them with their dog!

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  1. It's always so hard finding a dog and figuring out what to do. And especially when they're pit bulls, it seems like so people are wanting to help. So glad that these did turn out to be happy endings.