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I was driving home one day and I noticed my neighbors had an adorable red nose pit bull puppy in their yard that was running loose without a collar or a leash. A man was standing off to the side, but not really watching the dog. Since our neighborhood is notorious for having city busses that fly down our small residential street, I got out of my car and spoke with the family about putting the puppy on a leash for her safety.  The family said that a friend had dropped her off days ago and had not returned to pick her up and said they did not feel they could keep her, and offered me the pup.  I saw that their young children were doting on the puppy, playing with her and lovingly petting her. On a hunch, I immediately turned my car around and headed to Pet Smart, where I got the family a collar, bowls, food, and a cable to tether their dog with. Normally, I do not support tethering dogs, but I could see this was a good fit for this family since the family does not have a fenced in yard and loves being outside, as I have noticed them having a lot of barbeques and spending time with their relatives in their front yard.

Lauren, Joanie, and Wifey

I returned to their house with the supplies, and I was overjoyed to find that the family had been receptive to my advice and had leashed the puppy they were calling “Wifey” to the base of a tree.  I gave the family the supplies I had purchased, hoping my gift would be welcomed, and I was delighted to find that the family was very grateful, even installing the tethering set as I stood there.  I was sure to caution the family not to tether the dog in the rain for risk of electrocution, to only tether their dog when necessary, and not to tether their dog for more than the 3 hours per 24-hour period as made law in 2009 by the city of Raleigh. For more information about Raleigh’s tethering ordinance, please see

Wifey and I

Wifey is still happily living down the street. She enjoys barbeques with her mommy Joanie and she has a wonderful and loving family.  I am so glad I could be a part of the family’s decision to keep her and help her owners to provide her with a more safe and secure environment.  Today, I provided Joanie with information about the health benefits of spaying Wifey, and all of us at Pit Crew hope that Joanie chooses to accept our offer to cover 25% of Wifey’s surgical costs!

Thank you to Joanie, who graciously allowed us to come to her home two days in a row and take pictures of her with Wifey!
Just for laughs!

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